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U12 - AAA Division Rules (Bazinet)

  • Time Limit: Games should not exceed 2:30.  No new inning can start after 2:15 from first pitch. (Fall Ball Amendment- 2-hour limit.  No new inning after 1:45)
  • There is a five run limit per half inning.  If the trailing team is down by more than five runs going into the final inning, they are allowed to score enough runs to tie the game, but cannot take the lead until extra innings (time permitting).
  • Two steals allowed per inning.
  • Once there are two outs in an inning, players are allowed to steal home plate.  There is no limit on steals of home and they do not count towards the two steal per inning limit.
  • Players are only allowed to take one base on an overthrow.  Players cannot take a base on an overthrow from the catcher to the pitcher or on an attempt to catch a stealing base runner.
  • Mound visits for manager and coaches:
    • Per rule 8.06 (a) in the Little League rule book; a manager or coach may come out twice in one inning to visit with the pitcher, but the third time, the player must be removed as a pitcher.
    • Per rule 8.06 (b) in the Little League rule book; a manager or coach may come out twice (Minor Division: three times) in one game to visit with the pitcher, but the third time (Minor Division: fourth time) out, the player must be removed as a pitcher.
    • Per rule 8.06 (d) , a manager or coach who is granted a time out to talk to any defensive player will be charged with a visit to the pitcher. 
  • Pitching rules follow LL international rules:
  • Players league age 10 and under have a limit of 75 pitches in a game.
  • Players league age 11 and over have a limit of 85 pitches in a game.

    0 - 20 pitches requires zero days rest
    21 - 35 pitches requires 1 day of rest before pitching again
    36 - 50 pitches requires 2 days of rest
    51 - 65 pitches requires 3 days rest
    65+ pitches requires 4 days rest

    Pitch count is determined by the count at the start of the final better the pitchers face.  For example, if the pitcher starts his final batter with their 49th pitch and throw 7 pitches to the batter, the pitch official pitch count for that player would be 49.

    Fall Ball Amendment - Coaches decision if they want to take over pitching after a certain number of walks by the pitcher to keep the game moving.  In this scenario, the player continues to pitch, but if they throw 4 balls, the count resets, and the coach pitches to the existing batter.

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