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Grafton Little League All-Star Selection Process

It is an honor for players to represent Grafton Little League during all-star play. The players that exhibit talent, effort and sportsmanship will be given the most consideration to make an all-star team. Grafton Little League believes in giving as many players as possible a chance to compete in post season tournaments. It is a wonderful way for players to be rewarded for great seasons and to test the teams’ collective skills against competition from other towns. No matter whether the players win or lose their games, having fun, playing hard and representing Grafton Little League in the best possible way remain the most important goals.

Grafton Little League will choose its all-star teams based on the following criteria:

1. Eligibility- The player needs to be age appropriate for the team he is chosen to participate on. The player must have played 60 percent of his team’s regular season games. The player must be a Grafton resident or attend school in Grafton.

2. Availability- The players selected for all-star teams are expected to participate in all practices and games. One excused absence will be granted for reasons other than sickness. If a player is notified about being selected to an all-star team, the parents should let the head coach know if vacations and other conflicts will prevent the player from participating.

3. Attitude/Effort- Being an all-star is more than just having the talent to compete. It is also about having the right attitude, being a good sport and a good teammate. Players not exhibiting a great attitude, effort or sportsmanship will not be eligible to represent Grafton Little League in all-star play.

Grafton Little League Division Vice Presidents and Head Coaches in each division will be responsible for player selection. Input from assistant coaches on player selection will be given to the head coaches prior to the all-star selection meeting. The Player Agent and President will be at all player selection meetings to ensure that an open discussion and smooth process ensues.

Grafton Little League will field all-star teams in five divisions. Players eligible for these teams will have played in the following divisions: AA, Bazinet, Dauphinais and Senior Division.

Current All-Star teams:
1. 8/9 A (Bazinet/AA)- Team will play in the Shrewsbury and Webster tournaments
2. 8/9 B (AA)- Team will play in the Grafton Invitational
3. 10 A (Bazinet/Dauphinais)- District 5 Jimmy Fund Tournament
4. 10/11 B (Bazinet)- Hopkinton Sizzler Tourney
5. 11 A (Bazinet/Dauphinais) – District 5 tourney
6. 11/12 A (Dauphinais) - District 5 Williamsport, PA eligible team
7. 11/12 B (Dauphinais)- Hopkinton Sizzler
8. 13 Intermediate 50-70 – District 5 tourney

Voting: The head coaches will meet with the player agent and league president to discuss the players in their division that are most deserving of consideration. After a lengthy discussion to ensure that equal consideration is given to all players, a vote will take place. Player voting will also take place in the Dauphinais Division to determine players for the District 5 Williamsport eligible team. The head coach is typically chosen from the group of coaches in each division. A head coach can only be chosen after votes are taken and players selected for the team. A head coach is given the opportunity to choose the 11th and 12th players on his roster. Please keep in mind that emphasis is put on fielding balanced teams with the right amount of pitchers, catchers, outfielders, etc. Alternate players are chosen for each team in the event that selected players are unable to commit because of vacations or other reasons.

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